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With over 20 years of experience, our trainers and faculty members are well-versed with the training program essentials. Whether it is Cellphone chip level training or CCTV installation training, we offer top-notch learning experience. The following are the major training programs that we focus on;

Cellphone Chiplevel Service Training

This training course will primarily deal with repairing hardware glitches, installing software, diagnosing issues with motherboard, IC charging, etc. From analyzing issues associated with Cellphone to rectifying them, we will help you learn all the basics of Cellphone repair and servicing.

Laptop Motherboard Chiplevel Service Training

This is one of the most sought-after courses in the industry. It’s no hidden fact that all huge companies rely on efficiently running laptops and if you are great at servicing laptops, you would be bombarded with opportunities in no time. Our Laptop training program includes classes on assembling and dismantling laptops. From adapter issues, motherboard repairs and hardware maintenance, we will teach you all.

LED/LCD TV Chiplevel Service Training

We know the latest trends associated with LED/LCD televisions and this allows us to remain up-to-date. We will explain to you the basics of main board, power supply mechanisms, panel replacements, etc. If you want some hands-on training on LED/LCD TV repairs, choose Maximtronics. We will ensure you land up on a better job before completing the course with us.

CCTV Camera Installation Training

We offer elaborate explanation and training required for Security Camera Engineer. Most IP CCTV security systems are quite similar. Just learning the basics will be enough to install and repair all types of CCTV cameras. If you want to make a living by entering into this booming industry, contact our team at Maximtronics for Initial training. We will teach you everything – calculation of focal length for surveillance, understanding IP Networks, set-ups of DVRs with HD cameras, etc.
Still not Confident about Joining our Training Programs, Connect with Our team Today! We will comprehensively explain to you the deliverables so that you choose the training program that suits you best.

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